26 May 2014

Country / Capital Challenge

Country / Capital Challenge is a Javascript game I made with Elina Hamilton based on our mutual love of learning geography.

Two players compete to create chains of capitals and countries as fast as they can. The first player chooses a country or capital (any). The second player must choose a country that either ends the same way as the previous country began or that begins the same way the previous countryended. For example, if the first player chose SpaiN, the second player could go with PariS or Nepal. Longer chains are possible, such as SpaIN to INdia.

You can also play in one-player mode.
By default, every 60 seconds of thinking, the opponent gets 1 point. Every time that a player repeats a country or capital, the opponent gets 1 point. If you can't come up with an answer, you can concede (giving the opponent a point) or challenge the other player. He or she then needs to answer quickly; if they can, they get two points. If they need to concede , you'll get a point. Countries that share an exact name with their capitals (such as Luxembourg, but not Mexico/Mexico City) appear only once, under countries. Play to a score that you'd like or a maximum time or total number of countries or capitals. There's no set "Game Over" point.

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