15 October 2013


Along with my institution, MIT, I am a firm believer in using technology to make our teaching and learning tools available freely or cheaply to everyone who wants to learn.  Look in this space in the coming months for some new initiatives that I'll be taking, but one of the oldest digital learning spaces is still one of the most complete and best, and that's MIT's OpenCourseWare.  OCW publishes syllabi, teaching notes, assignments (often including student answers), and, for larger classes, lectures and other materials.  I have worked with OCW to put my Early Music, 1900-1960, and Computational Musicology classes online.  They also host some extraordinary panel discussions, such as the forum on Musical Time.

OCW has recently written a wonderful article about me and why I believe OCW is doing a great thing for the world.  Please take some time to read it if you'd like.


Steve Jones said...

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Michael Scott Cuthbert said...

Thanks Steve!

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