29 December 2008

Pachelbel lives on.

Great recent song by The Fratellis on their 2006 album Costello Music, "Ole Black 'N' Blue Eyes." The video seems not to have any connection to any plausible interpretation of the lyrics for me; I'd suggest ignoring it and just listening: (click here<)

The first thing that jumped out at me was how closely the progression of the song mirrored the Pachelbel Canon in D's ground bass (though transposed to B-flat):
(Not sure if the right hand part matches the actual guitar parts used in the piece, but they're close enough for illustrative purposes).

But better than seeing similarities, I thought a little remix of the opening minute or so would show just how compatible the two pieces were. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I cannot watch the YouTube video, because the Turkish government is - like China - censoring the internet.

Great job on the merge, though!!! :-)

Sam Dorf said...

Canada is lax in their rules.

Check this version of the taco bell canon:



Theodore said...